Black Power Flower Black

Brant Bjork      

Black Power Flower Black

Whatever end of the desert they might come from, the band’s punk roots come through solidly across the album, beginning with the upbeat shuffle of opener “Controllers Destroyed” and the following “We Don’t Serve Their Kind,” which commence a catchy side A on Black Power Flower that keeps momentum driving forward despite fluctuations in pace. The actual opening riff is slow enough to give a surprisingly doomed feel, but driven by Tornay‘s toms and Dinsmore‘s bass, the Low Desert Punk Band soon kick into gear and Bjork arrives for an initial couple lines of vocals sounding very much in command of the proceedings. His singing style, immediately recognizable, has been a major factor in all of his releases, solo or with past backing groups like The Operators or The Bros., and it is on Black Power Flower as well, a semi-spoken delivery finding melody in layers and sitting so well on top of fuzzed-out grooves in later cuts.

  1. Controllers Destroyed
  2. We Don't Serve Their Kind
  3. Stokely Up Now
  4. Buddha Time (Everything Fine)
  5. Soldier Of Love
  6. Boogie Woogie On Your Brain
  7. Ain't No Runnin'
  8. That's A Fact, Jack
  9. Hustler's Blues
  10. Where You From, Man

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