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Jalamanta Re-Mastered Signed 2XLP Black

Limited Qty's Available - Autographed Black Vinyl

20 Year Anniversary Reissue with with new cover art and remixed by Brant Bjork and Tony Mason in his desert studio using the original master tapes. This is an all new master and all new pressing that sounds amazing!

Recorded by Tony Mason at Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, California, February 1999. Re-mixed by Tony Mason and Brant Bjork at North Star Ave., 29 Palms, California, March 2019.

"Jalamanta was a life changing record for me. Its the record that launched my journey as Brant Bjork. Listening to the tapes 20 years later was amazing. Tony Mason and myself were transported back to that moment in time. Jalamanta was a first for both Tony and myself. My first record as a solo artist and his first record as an engineer. We didnt think twice about re-mixing it. With our combined experience over the years, we knew we could take Jalamanta to the place we always wanted it to go..and we did. Dig it." - Brant Bjork

  1. Lazy Bones
  2. Automatic Fantastic
  3. Cobra Jab
  4. Too Many Chiefs... Not Enough Indians
  5. Sun Brother
  6. "Let’s Get Chinese Eyes"
  7. Toot
  8. Defender Of The Oleander
  9. Bones Lazy
  10. Low Desert Punk
  11. Waiting For A Coconut To Drop
  12. Her Brown Blood
  13. Indio
  14. Take Me Away

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